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Leapfrog Holdings Investment Focus

Leapfrog Holdings focuses on investments in technology and business service related companies, typically organizations with enterprise values ranging from $5 million to $200 million.

We look to acquire companies which can be tucked into one of our existing operating businesses and/or invest in companies in which we have strong industry knowledge and can leverage our operational and capital market skills.

We look for analytically challenging investments where our capital coupled with our background and prior experiences differentiates our ability to add immediate strategic value and significantly enhances an organizations future opportunities, building value for shareholders, employees and customers.

We seek to partner with exceptional management teams to capitalize upon and catalyze change.

We seek to partner with exceptional management teams to capitalize upon and catalyze change. The companies that meet our investment criteria are usually those at a critical inflection point. This includes companies at all stages of their life-cycle facing changing market dynamics and/or strategic, operational, financial or organizational challenges.

Our approach to investing and adding value to our portfolio companies is founded upon the rigorous application of fact-based analysis to understand, drive and implement strategic and operational change.

Leapfrog Holdings looks for companies facing business inflection points that result from events such as: growth and expansion opportunities, management changes, product transitions, merger integrations, industry or macroeconomic shocks, strategic rationalizations, and technological paradigm shifts. In these situations, we seek to apply our deep industry knowledge and transactional experience to assess the true risks of business inflection. Where appropriate, we then apply capital and our network of resources to help management teams recognize the long-term investment potential resident within a given business.